Why use Accumix?

The main advantage of using Accumix is that we mix all concrete at your site, so you get the right amount and only pay for what you use.

How much does concrete weigh?

1 cubic metre of concrete weighs approximately 2.4 tonnes which equates to approximately 30-35 full wheel barrows. If you need to work out volume please refer to our calculator.

How big is your vehicle and will it fit on my drive?

Our fleet of modern vehicles are all the same size. You can view this on our Vehicle Size page. However, if the vehcle is too large to fit on your drive we have a long chute system or concrete pump to provide the solution.

Do you wheelbarrow?

Accumix do not wheelbarrow the material, but we will mix directly into your wheelbarrows. This takes approximately 3 seconds per wheel barrow to fill. We suggest that you supply one person per cubic metre when considering wheel barrowing concrete.

What concrete do I need?

Accumix Concrete produces various mix designs to suit your application. If you are unsure what mix is required our friendly staff will be able to provide you with guidance, simply ring us before hand on 01463 772600.

How can I pay?

We provide various methods of payment to our customers:

  • Debit Card
  • Personal Cheque *
  • Cash on Delivery

Maestro Mastercard Visa

* We will only accept personal cheques up to £500.00

Do you supply to the DIY enthusiast?

Very much so. Accumix prides itself on giving a quality customer service and our dedicated team are there to offer help and advice whenever possible.

Is concrete dangerous?

Yes. Concrete is a heavy mterial to work with. Also fresh concrete can cause health problems if you are not adequately protected. We highly recommend anyone planning to work with concrete reads our health and safety section.

Do I need to accurately estimate
the amount of concrete I require?

No, all Accumix requires is a rough estimate. One of the advantages of the mobile concrete dispensers is that it carries raw materials and mixes them on-site so you get what you need.

How quickly can you deliver?

Thanks to our location, we can deliver concrete quickly throughout the Highlands. We do however, ask our customers to provide us with at least 24 hours notice where possible. If you have an urgent requirement, please call our head office on 01463 772600, we will try our best to help.

How long does it take to dry?

Concrete relies on a chemical reaction in order to gain strength and this process takes time. On average most concrete will gain 75% of its strength in the first 7 days, but will continue to maximum strength at 28 days.

For further assistance call us now on Call: 01463 772600

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