Flooring Concrete / Floor Screed

Accumix can provide a full selection of pre-mixed screeds to suit your particular project. Whether you require a general purpose or high performance product, we can provide a solution which matches your structural and surface finish requirements.

Unlike many other concrete supply companies, our floor screed is not pre-produced. We mix your material on site to give you a fresh screed with the maximum working time. Our specialist vehicles and equipment allow screed to be delivered fresh and directly to the specified area at the rate you require.

Floor Screed

Suitable for a comprehensive range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications, Accumix Floor Screeds match the levels of smoothness, flexibility, durability and wear resistance specified by our customers.

Our specialist products include High Strength Floor Screed - ideal for under floor heating and a 10mm Concrete Floor Screed.

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Floor Screed

Products include:

  • High strength floor screed ideal for underfloor heating
  • Floor screed containing 10mm aggregate
  • Fibre reinforced floor screed
  • Floor screed with 8-12 hr retarder
Floor Screed

Other Applications