Foamed Concretes

Accumix foamed concrete is a low density, highly workable concrete produced using air entraining agents. It is extremely workable due to its reduced density and can be used in a range of applications such as trench fill, void fill and tank fill.

Foamed Concrete
for Tank Filling

This particular Accumix foamed concrete is designed for the filling of redundant fuel tanks but can also be used for mass void fill.

  • Back filling out of use sewers and other cavities
  • Filling of fuel tanks within de-commissioned petrol stations
  • Unwanted service shafts and ducts
  • Disused Cellars and Basements
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It is highly workable, and quality assured to perform to predetermined BS EN 206-1 / BS5328 specficiation.

Foamed Concrete for Filling Trenches

Accumix foamed concrete is widely used as a material for the filling of trenches. We provide a cost effective concrete that complies with the Roads and Street Works Act 1991. The concrete requires no compaction - this means that no equipment is required and it can be resurfaced quickly.

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  • Protection of Water, Gas, Electricity and other buried services
  • More cost effective material compared to other materials
  • Reduced risk of subsidence

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Other specialist concretes

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